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News. Litha Spread 2020

Midsummer - Litha 2020

Brightest blessings for this midsummer season.

The garden is now overflowing, paths hidden by encroaching greenery, the birds and their young devastating the feeders on a daily basis and the slow worms emerging as the weather warms.

We have been blessed by months of blue skies here in Kent during the lockdown which has given us ample chances to get outdoors, even if it's only for a stroll down to the fairy garden and back.

Midsummer is traditionally a time when the veil between the worlds is thin and the fae folk walk abroad. If you want to connect to some "fairy magic" leave an offering of honey or cake for them outside, and don't forget to feed the birds or plant some seeds for the bees!

Updates on my work:

  • In my magical workshop I am creating a new tarot charm set which I hope to have listed in my Etsy shop in July.

  • The final posts for Tea Break Tarot School round one will also be released in July, completing the lessons on each card.

  • In the Sunday Session, a free Sunday night session hosted through my Facebook page, I'm introducing a guided meditation and shared reading for the week ahead.

  • And on my You Tube channel you can enjoy weeky edition of Your Tarot Story, a series of interviews with tarot readers about their practice and views on tarot.

    The image above is a spread I created last summer to explore the theme of joy at this brightest time of the year (for us northern folks at least).

    If you're celebrating in the Southern Hemisphere then Yuletide blessings to you and yours!

    Fiona xxx

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