Fiona Beth Tarot and Oracle readings in Canterbury, Kent

Tarot and Oracles

Tarot readings A tarot reading uses cards to create a picture of current circumstances, energy and possible outcomes. Card readings range from a simple three card spread to ten card spreads for in-depth exploration. Readings are created for specific situations or questions by request. A longer reading will combine different spreads and can include additional tools such as charms to allow greater insight and depth.

Oracle reading Oracle readings involve several tools, chosen in consultation with the client. These can include oracle cards, runes, trinkets, charms and crystals. Each tool adds an additional layer to the reading, as do the combination and position of the items chosen. This builds a picture of the client's circumstances and energies and provides a channel for intuitive (psychic) messages.

Readings are given over Skype or as a voice recording which is delivered by email with images of your cards, giving you a chance to review the information and absorb it in your own time.

I had a reading with Fiona and was amazed by the accuracy. Fiona was spot on with where I currently am in life and picked up on things I was thinking of doing to work through my current situation. Fiona is full of wisdom and guidance and has such a gentle way about her. Thank you so much 💜 xx

Lisa, Swansea, U.K.

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