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Tarot and oracle readings in Canterbury, Kent

Tarot and oracle readings are a powerful way to explore our lives and current situations. They allow us to connect to divine guidance and our own inner wisdom. Readings can help us explore areas for personal growth and offer insights to help us move forwards. I offer intuitive (psychic) readings online and by phone from my office in Canterbury, Kent.

A tarot reading uses cards to create a picture of current circumstances, energy and possible outcomes. Card readings range from a simple three card spread to ten card spreads for in-depth exploration.

Oracle readings involve several tools, chosen in consultation with the client. These can include oracle cards, runes, trinkets, charms and crystals.

From the oracles of ancient Greece, who spoke messages from the gods, to bone casting shamans across the globe, humans have looked for signs and portents to guide them for millenia. This practice continues through modern day oracle readers.

I have been working with and studying oracles for over thirty years, seeking guidance through natural signs and tools including tarot cards, runes and crystals.

I have created and channelled unique trinket, crystal and charm oracles to add additional layers to readings. To harness this magical way of working see How to Book .

Readings take place over Skype, in a phone call or are sent as an audio recording along with images of your cards and other tools used.

“Fiona gave a very accurate reading. She has not known me for several years, and yet she accurately described current events and future events with no errors. She gives readings the only way she knows how: in her loving and kind-hearted way. She puts great care and attention into accurate readings, and you can feel her warm personality shine through. You would do well to trust Fiona as I do, and I am sure I will be using her services again one day.”

Mark, Cheyenne, WY, US

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